First Class Silent Discos
Audio Events

What is a Silent Disco ?

SILENT DISCO - the ONLY way to party and play Motörhead and "The Macarena" and still be able to chat with your guests!

She loves Kylie & Kasabian! He loves AC/DC and David Guetta! He loves Doris Day and Jay-Z! She loves Pendulum and The Killers! But Mum and Dad love Frank Sinatra and Elvis or even worse... jazz! Grandad just wants peace and quiet and the cricket scores. Some people even prefer to chat!

Have two LIVE DJs who can do what DJs do and battle it out for the crowd on their own individual channels to the headphones


What is a Silent Event ?

Silent Events don't have to be disco's

We do seminars and meetings too...

Give a seminar in two different languages.

Present an exhibition with narration but also have complementary background music.

Hold a company meeting where microphones and amplification are not possible.

Oh and of course the office party too
......without waking the management!

The Flying Sound Company's Silent Disco or Silent Event sends different sounds across the airwaves to your ears so you choose what you want to hear!

How Many?

Accommodating parties from 20 to 400 - more with sufficient notice -we supply, set up and run the all the headphones, music, lights, smoke machine and the technology - subject to any Health & Safety or venue restrictions. You supply the "passengers" and the reason to PARTY!